What the Chunk!

I am pretty sure you’re wondering what I am referring to when I say chunk. I use this term in my home when I sense the overwhelm with various projects. We are people who love to take big bites out of our favorite dish and wash it down with water. Although, that is not the proper way to eat this article has little to do with eating. The same way we feel when we have bitten off more than we can chew is the same emotions that surface when we have set goals and failed to break them down into smaller goals. Do you get it now? Chunking simply means to divide something into chunks. Imagine trying to eat a pizza whole, that would cause some stress right? Well, you experience that same degree of stress when you set a big goal and fail to break it down into smaller chunks that ultimately lead to the bigger goal. That should digest much better.

So let’s say you have set a goal to purchase a new home. You will then devise a plan of action detailing each step to get you there. You may start here:

1. Cutting back on expenses to save

2. Attend credit counseling and home buying courses

3. Creating a folder with important information lenders ask for to have it readily available.

4. Find a realtor that matches you.

5. Determine the location and what you are looking for in a home

This is not an exhaustive list but you get my point. Chunking is my process when I create Action Plans for clients. I take their pre-established goal and create action steps using the SMART Goals method. I provide resources on my Action Plans and I make it very easy to follow. If you want to avoid overwhelm this it the way to go. Setting goals does not have to be hard, nor does it require wearing you out. In 4 simple steps, I can have you mastering goal setting. If you have a goal that will require an entire year you would then have to break it down into monthly, weekly, and eventually daily tasks. There is an art to it but it not hard for anyone to achieve.

Goals and sub-goals. Your goals are the destination, while your sub-goals serve as the map to get to the destination. If you are new to this be patient with yourself. Many of us have not known the benefit of scribing things, or ow the brain begins to respond to what is seen because you have written it all down. Statically, there is a much higher success rate for those who have written goals down than there is for those who have not. Write your goal and make it plain then chunk it, break it down into manageable pieces. As an organizer, this makes that process a breeze.

Here is how you break down goals into an achievable task:

  1.Establish your goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound)

  2.Create a task list

  3.Seek accountability

  4.Create a timeline for each task

  5.Work daily towards completing each task

Before getting to the top of the staircase you have to make several small steps first. Imagine a set of stairs in your mind and at the very top is the goal you have set for yourself. Step up on the first step, what would that sub-goal be? Okay, take the next step, what does that task look like? Then there is the next step, wow you completed that within record time. Here goes step four, do not stop keep going you are almost there. One step at a time, you will reach your mark if you faint not. If you find accomplishing hard you may be dealing with limiting beliefs and the help of a life coach can address that. Avoid falling into the procreation trap, and making an excuse. You deserve every goal met.

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