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There is no such thing as the perfect time! Let’s get out of the cycle which keeps us stagnant. There is no perfect time; the time is now! I have always been a planner. I regularly wrote my goals and built them on paper. I, too, went around in circles at one point, helping everyone else fulfill desires but my own. I was stuck waiting for the perfect time when I would have more than enough money. At the most financially pressing time of my life, I built a business and authored a bestseller. Had I waited; I would not be able to bear witness to how just doing it works. Daily I work on Personal Development Plans for those who desire a step-by-step process to achieve their goals. Sometimes, we do not know where to start. Some do not have support, and others lack motivation because we have procrastinated for far too long. The time is ripe right now to make that investment in yourself and build your own. Can you imagine turning your passion into profit, putting all of your energy into something to call your own, breaking cycles, and controlling what, when, and how? Let’s get it!!

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