About LaToya Nicole

Passionate Life Coach

I have faced  abuse, rejection,  disappointments, abandonment, low self esteem and being misunderstood majority of my life. I was a girl screaming for help and attention but my efforts only made things worse. I was isolated and angry so broken and traumatized, I questioned my existence. For years, dysfunction was my normal.  I drank, smoked, clubbed and made emotionally disastrous decisions to escape. In Spite of it All, I knew there was something better on the other side. I knew there was healing if there was pain, mending if there was fragmentation and hope because I was familiar with hopelessness. I did not believe in myself and several times thought and attempted to take my own life, I did not desire to live because no matter where I turned there was pain or reminders of the pain or that I would not amount to anything. I was hated by people I loved, classified as a devil for defending myself and not submitting to abuse anymore.  I was nothing if I had nothing to offer. I grew to think my value was attached to what I gave, so I gave and gave until a pluck would have taken me on over the edge. There was no life there. I was numb and void. I stayed in  vicious cycles for decades until 4 words broke the dam. I had held on and pretended long enough. It was time to really heal so whatever that was it was time to embrace it before what I held on to killed me. Finally, enough was enough and I began to go within. I found strength to rise from the ashes, trace my pain, heal and evolve into the woman God created me to be. My purpose is clear and the path destined for me was found once I stopped running from life and embraced it. My eyes were opened once I accepted what happened, my role in it all, and that my being needed to heal. Things were very clear once I stopped hiding my face from the pain and the shame.

My personal story, my experience, and education has equipped me to become who I am today. I am not just another coach but I am passionate about breaking cycles organizationally. 

 I serve as a Mental Health First Responder, and Journal Therapist in addition to being a Certified Life Coach. I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you.